• New Editor for PFO Report Announced
    We have received the following announcement from our cousin, Boyd Cardon (edited for corrections and removed contact information): Dear Friends and Relatives, I am introducing an adjustment. Karen Peterson Mosley is the new editor of the PFO Report which will remain a tax-exempt entity to promote research of the ancestors of the early Waldense converts […]
  • John Daniel Malan: a Faithful Patriarch
    by Alan P. Malan, originally published in The Malan Monitor, Winter 1990 Just about two months after the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith in the rural setting of Nineteenth Century Vermont, another birth occurred half a world away in very similar circumstances. On November 20, 1804 in the mountain village of Prassuit, near Angrogne, […]
  • Waldensian Saints: a Double Inheritance
    We were so blessed to enjoy a wonderful presentation from Jared Halverson on the rich heritage we’ve all been blessed with as part of the Malan Family and as Waldensians. Currently, Jared works as a CES instructor at the University of Utah and his years of teaching about matters of the Spirit shone through in […]
  • John Daniel Malan Family Reunion 2021
    We are so excited to share the details of our upcoming John Daniel Malan Family Reunion for this August! We have an exciting lineup of activities throughout the 2nd week of August, culminating in our hike to Malan’s Peak and Picnic at the Park. Please be sure to download the flyer for links to each […]
  • PFO Report #80 – May 2020
    Boyd Cardon, Trustee for the Piedmont Family Organization (PFO) produces this report regularly. I am posting a copy of the full report below with just a few highlights for your convenience. Those interested in receiving these updates can register for an account at cardonfamilies.org: A new grave marker for Jeanne Marie Gaudin-Moise Stalle has been […]
  • Physically, but Not Socially Distant

    We live in unprecedented times that have been shown in vision to prophets of the past for countless millennia. As exciting as it is seeing prophecy unfold before our very eyes, there are still many challenges that come for our loved ones, not the least of which is the threat of an extremely pervasive disease.

    As we attempt to stay connected but physically distant with loved ones near and far, we have found some technology easier than others to deal with. Which app, which website or software is best to stay in touch with your family? You may have already found one that works for you. That’s the short answer. It’s great if you and your family have worked out an way you can all chat, text or video conference together.

    If you haven’t found anything, yet, please read on:

  • T-Shirt Order Information
    T-Shirt orders are now due July 8th
  • Malan Book of Remembrance
    Descendants of John Daniel Malan can view the Malan Book of Remembrance online
  • Family Reunion 2019
    If you Are a Malan, Know a Malan or Love a Malan this is the place to be!
  • What is this site for?
    Malans get free hosting on malan.family or malanfamily.com

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