We are excited to announce the Malan Family Reunion from Jul 27th to Aug 3rd at various locations in or near Ogden, UT, USA. All family from any branch of our beautiful family tree are encouraged to attend. We’d obviously love to see everyone at each event but please come to what you can. Be sure to register before any deadlines. You can also contact @wjmp with additional questions you may have.

Reunion Events

Please check each event you are interested in attending and make sure you register right away. Also, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you’re excited about!

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  1. Traek 2 years ago

    This is exciting stuff with lots of great things planned! Who’s in charge of the itinerary for Saturday? I’d like to talk about this website for a few minutes.

  2. Author
    Wendy Malan Putnam 2 years ago

    That would be great!!!! I will put you on the agenda! 🙂 Thanks for thinking of this Traek!!!

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