We have received the following announcement from our cousin, Boyd Cardon (edited for corrections and removed contact information):

Dear Friends and Relatives,

I am introducing an adjustment. Karen Peterson Mosley is the new editor of the PFO Report which will remain a tax-exempt entity to promote research of the ancestors of the early Waldense converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Karen has written articles in the previous editions. On FamilySearch.org, she has corrected many errors of some of the Waldense converts. In her book The Strength of the Hills, she relates the dream of Madelaine Cardon of three strangers bringing to her a message as she was tending the goats in the Piedmont, Italy valley. The book tells the true story of violent Atlantic storms, cholera epidemics, threatened abductions, near drownings, and stampedes, as those of the Cardon family who joined the Church immigrated to the Great Salt Lake Valley. From there, the Cardons spread out to homestead Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Many notable and inspiring events are recorded.

Karen’s book, The Strength of the Hills, is available on Amazon and for those with Kindle Unlimited, it is a free read: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L5VNG2T

We will continue to publish PFO Reports here on Malan Family Community. For those currently subscribed to reports directly from Boyd, please keep an eye on your SPAM folder.


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