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Boyd Cardon, Trustee for the Piedmont Family Organization (PFO) produces this report regularly. I am posting a copy of the full report below with just a few highlights for your convenience. Those interested in receiving these updates can register for an account at cardonfamilies.org:

  • A new grave marker for Jeanne Marie Gaudin-Moise Stalle has been crafted thanks to generous donors. A dedication has been tentatively planned for Saturday, May 30, 2020 @ 11:00 AM in the Hyrum, UT Cemetery. Those interested in attending should Boyd in the event that these plans change.
  • Much progress is being made in family research organized by the PFO and being accomplished by a professional genealogist, Giovanni Cena in Italy to continue to identify our common ancestors and help provide the exhaulting ordinances of the Temple for them. Two key records were identified in detail in the report.
  • To help support the PFO, your one-time or regular donations are very much needed and appreciated. Details are included on page 3. We may include future links to facilitate these transactions for the PFO. Any donations made to this organization directly benefit this crucial, ongoing work. As of the date of this report, PFO still owes $500 and you could help make up that difference!
  • A complete library of Brother Cena’s research can be made available to family members. Please reach out to Boyd for more details.

Here is the full report:


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