We were so blessed to enjoy a wonderful presentation from Jared Halverson on the rich heritage we’ve all been blessed with as part of the Malan Family and as Waldensians. Currently, Jared works as a CES instructor at the University of Utah and his years of teaching about matters of the Spirit shone through in his presentation both as we got to know him and his place in our family and about the Waldensians and their conversion and legacy.

For those that missed the Facebook Livestream during which Jared spoke, you can watch the livestream in its entirety here:


For those solely interested in Jared’s talk, we have extracted the audio, here:

Jared Halverson, 14 Aug 2021, John Daniel Malan Family Reunion @ Monroe Park in Ogden, UT, USA

During the presentation, Jared references several stories he encountered as he labored on his Masters thesis, “To Make Ready a People Prepared for the Lord”: Italy’s Waldensian Saints as a Case Study on Conversion. He has graciously agreed to make his book available for free here on Malan Family Community in PDF form:

To Make Ready a People Prepared for the Lord.pdf

To John Daniel Malan, who had the courage to question, the faith to believe, and the willingness to serve; and to every other Waldensian Saint who gave to their posterity a double inheritance—Waldensian perseverance and Latter-day Saint faith.

1st Acknowledgement, To Make Ready a People Prepared for the Lord, Jared Halverson

We are so grateful for Jared being willing to share his gifts with us and all he has been willing to do to continue to help all of us learn more about our heritage as Malans and as Waldensians. If you enjoyed Jared’s presentation, he has also started a YouTube channel last year, Unshaken, that premiered with this video:

You can also follow him on Facebook @UnshakenSaints. Thank you, Jared!

  1. Author
    Traek 3 months ago

    I am *so* sorry for the loud noises. I’m not a good enough audio editor to be able to remove my laughing. I did try to keep it in several times after I realized I was creating a “laugh track”. I hope you still manage to enjoy it!

  2. Wendy Malan Putnam 3 months ago

    This is fabulous to be able to listen to Jared Halverson speak again! If you didn’t hear his talk the first time, you will want to listen or watch him here!!!! Thank you Traek for putting this together online!!!

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