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       Traek Malan

      Does anyone remember getting regular copies of the Malan Monitor? How about the great (but now out of date) Malan Book of Remembrance volumes? There is a lot of information available to us but not a great central place for all of it to live.

      I would like to propose we start up a family wiki that contains mostly family history information that is appropriate to be consumed by the public. Anyone interested could be given access to create/update wiki topics.

      I have a few topics in mind already and I’d like to know who else out there might be interested.

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      Great Idea! I am interested in being involved.

      We also have a committee that is working furiously gathering current family email addresses, phone numbers and USPS addresses. I wonder if some of them would be interested in helping with this?

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         Traek Malan

        Let’s get those committee members on this site. We can easily gather information in a mailing list and house it on here. That was actually the original request that had me create this website in the first place after someone wanted it put together at the end of a family reunion.

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      Let’s include Paul Nelson in all of this. He is working on all the information lists at this point.
      Explain to me a little bit more what this site can do for us.

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         Traek Malan

        I’m going to PM you the details.

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      Committee Members for gathering individual contact information are: Max, Lee, Ned, and Tim Malan. Janet Erickson and Claudia Crawford. This committee can include anyone that would like to join in. 🙂

      Did I send you the Malan de Merindol? Or do you already have it? This is a 22 page document.

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         Traek Malan

        I don’t have that document. Please send it over to my @malanfamily.com email address 🙂

        As far as the committee goes, I’ve created a private group for them since there will be sensitive information exchanged. We just need to get the correct individuals invited. Send me a private message with their emails and I’ll invite them. Or you can call me direct and I’ll walk you through it.

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