Available years ago as a set of limited production runs, the Malan Book of Remembrance: Descendants of John Daniel Malan vols. I & II were treasured collections of a large set of Malan family history, stories, maps, photos and more.

FamilySearch, a free genealogical resource available to the public offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, hosts digital versions of both of these historical books. Though they are known to contain outdated and even incorrect information, many family members have asked to be able to peruse this vast work done at the sacrifice of so many. You can view them with your free FamilySearch account here:

Malan Book of Remembrance Vol I

Malan Book of Remembrance Vol II

Rather than host a copy of these works ourselves, we hope to bring more up-to-date resources in Malan Family Community in the future that will be kept current for generations to come. If you’re interested in participating in this effort, please visit the forum topic I started here: https://malan.family/forums/topic/malan-wiki-project/

High-resolution image of outside cover of Volume II


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